About Paladigm

Headquartered in Singapore, Paladigm Capital is a trusted asset and wealth management partner for investors seeking profitable and disruptive investment opportunities in the frontier markets of Central Asia and emerging economies of Southeast Asia.

Founded with a vision to bring clarity to an overcrowded world of finance, Paladigm Capital is led by experienced entrepreneurs with proven credentials who integrate and aggregate innovative financial solutions to achieve investment objectives with prudent management of capital and risk. Armed with first-hand information, unparalleled research and in-depth market insights, our investment team is entrusted by clients to manage assets through different economic cycles for maximum returns.


Paladigm Atlas Fund is a multi-asset investment solution that utilizes an unconstrained mix of financial assets including equities, alternatives and credit instruments to achieve greater returns while maintaining exceptional liquidity. The Fund makes tactical use of leverage to enhance returns. What further sets Atlas apart is high-touch approach of the Fund Manager combined with unparalleled global investment expertise of the Investment Adviser.

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Paladigm Ventures is a fund focused on acquiring shares in private tech companies from early investors and employees. Our deal pipeline consists of only the biggest US tech companies and unique opportunities that are potentially close to a liquidity event.

Paladigm EM (Emerging Markets) is a private equity strategy focused on fostering the development of an equitable and inclusive financial system in Central Asia. We typically make active investments in growth stage companies, and partner with talented management teams with strong operating experience to deliver financial services to underserved segments.

These initiatives often leverage technology and business model innovation to drive financial inclusion in a scalable, replicable and commercially sustainable way. We seek companies that have a true social mission and a sustainable business model, balancing social impact with a market-rate of return for investors.

A style of investment portfolio management where an investment manager makes day-to-day buy/sell decisions without referring to the client for consent. A capital preservation focus prioritizes earning positive returns through the cycle and avoiding losses, while eliminating benchmark restrictions.

Our model managed accounts demonstrated over 50% absolute return in 2020. Disciplined asset allocation brings added value to the risk/return of the portfolio. Unconstrained universe and flexibility to access global developed and emerging market equities, capturing opportunities and achieving portfolio diversification. Clients can gain access to full details of their portfolio holdings for greater clarity on their investments.

We provide access to the most interesting themes in blockchain and DeFi space without allowing any compromises in storage of client digital assets.

This actively managed fund includes crypto projects carefully selected not only based on technical stack, but also reputation and track record of founders and key employees.

Our custodian uses Multi-Party Computing, one of the safest institutional-grade security protocols.



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